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Высшая лига 2019
21.04.2019  Барс
26.04.2019 Холдинг-АТП-2528
27.04.2019 Динамо
21.04.2019 Бродвей


24.04.2019 Академия ДПтС
24.04.2019 ФК Чернигов-2
Первая лига 2019, Дивизион А


  Оптимус Ганг    Кайт






Буревестник   Модест 


 БЮС-Гарантия   Приват Агент


   Газ-Мяс-Алкоцентр-2    Кварц
Первая лига 2019 Дивизион Б
22.04.2019 БРВ


23.04.2019 Парадокс


24.04.2019 Дозор
24.04.2019 Чернигов Климат


27.04.2019 Эклипс

Вторая лига 2019, Дивизион А




28.04.2019 Ураган-М
26.04.2019 Старт



Чернигов Климат-2



Патрульная Полиция


Вторая лига 2019, Дивизион Б
25.04.2019 Биатлон


22.04.2019 ФК Чернигов-3
26.04.2019 LSD-2
23.04.2019 Газ-Мяс-Алкоцентр-3


23.04.2019 Слобода
Альфа Банк
Суперкубок 2019



Высшая лига 2019    
# Команда И О
1  Академия ДПтС

2  Барс

3  Бродвей

4  Газ-Мяс-Алкоцентр

5  Гурру

6  Динамо

7  Металл-Профиль

8  Нива

9  Спиртовик

10  Удар

11  ФК Чернигов-2

12  Холдинг-АТП-2528


Первая лига 2019

Дивизон "А"    
# Команда И О
1  LSD

2  Буревестник


4  Газ-Мяс-Алкоцентр-2

5  Кайт

6  Кварц

7  Модест

8  Оптимус Ганг

9  Приват Агент

10   Холдинг-АТП-2528-2

Дивизон "Б"    
# Команда И О

2  Бродвей-2


4  Дозор

5  Мясник

6  Стандарт

7  Стрела

8  Парадокс

9  Чернигов Климат

10  Эклипс


Вторая лига 2019

Дивизон "А"    
# Команда И О
1  АКС

2  Атлетик

3  БРВ-2

4  ЗОЖ

5  Мясник-2

6  Нива-2

7  Старт

8  Патрульная Полиция

9  Ураган-М


10  Чернигов Климат-2


Дивизон "Б"    
# Команда И О
1  LSD-2

2  Альфа Банк

3  Биатлон

4  Газ-Мяс-Алкоцентр-3

5  Дозор-2

6  Зотик

7  Коты

8  Металл-Профиль-2

9  Слобода

10  ФК Чернигов-3

Міністерство освіти та науки України

Чернігівський національний технологічний університет


Кафедра вищої та прикладної математики







З дисципліни «Оптимізаційні методи і моделі»

ІІІ курс, група ЗБО-131

Джола В. Р.

спеціальності «Бухгалтерський облік»






к.пед.н., доцент

Шаховіна Наталія Володимирівна





Чернігів, 2016По

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Despite having just cum, I could feel her thighs already starting to tremble and raising her legs, she gave me a thrill by placing her soft feet on my back. I began swirling my tongue faster around her clit, then stopped and gasped as Doug added a third finger inside me and gave my clit a playful nip with his teeth.I thought about that as I concentrated on my aim for a minute, and as I finished up, I said, "Well I don't like you suddenly changing the rules. And I don't appreciate you attacking me in the middle of the night just because you need to get off.""Boundaries are bullshit," she replied. "Or didn't you enjoy how I got you off?" Cassidy's hand reached out through the warm shower water cascading between us, and she grasped my cock gently with her soft fingers as if to emphasize her point. She rubbed softly at my cock head, and my meat instantly began swelling. "Ahhh, even if you don't agree, your dick still remembers last night. You had so much cum, and you were such a dummy about just asking me to help, that I thought I would check on you."I pondered this while helping myself to a fresh cup of coffee. Kent was cheerfully bustling around the kitchen. I watched him with interest as he went from the skillet on the stove, to the electric griddle, then the toaster, and back. During one of these rounds he paused long enough to pour an inch of Yukon Jack into my coffee cup. Poor John, she thought as she brushed her hair. She had really been ignoring him for the last few months while her hormones had raged for the first time in her life and she had become quickly enamored with sex. They had always been real close, just like all twins, always talking and sharing their secrets with each other. He was the first person she had told that she had lost her cherry when it had happened and it had seemed to her that their relationship had sort of changed from that point on. She opened the door to her room and waltzed down the hallway to the kitchen where she found both her parents and John sitting down to breakfast."Not after what you just said! Let's just go. It was a good idea, but it didn't work, and now I'm afraid she'll say something." I sighed. "Besides, maybe it's for the best. We should be home watching Jenna while she thinks her parents trust her enough to be unwatched.""It is you!" Jenna exclaimed excitedly. "I was sitting over in the corner and saw you dancing!""You're really in a hurry to do this, aren't you?" John asked her.
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